PRO PLAN Senior 11+

Around age 11, many cats' senses diminish and their ability to absorb key nutrients declines. PRO PLAN Senior 11+ formula addresses the changing needs of older, less active cats. With natural sources of glucosamine for joint health, and high levels of linoleic acid to nourish older cats' skin and coat, this formula contains appropriate levels of fat and calories to help senior cats maintain an ideal body condition without losing lean muscle mass.


Senior Salmon & Tuna 11+ - canned

PRO PLAN Cat Entrées are a range of eight 100% complete and balanced wet cat food recipes. Made with real meat or fish – high quality protein for flavour and digestibility.
Each recipe is a complete and balanced blend of essential nutrients to support immune, digestive, renal and skin & coat systems. With four different textures for extra variety for demanding cats.