JUROCYL is indicated to stimulate appetite in poor eaters, particularly those horses suffering stress related to hard training & competition. As a general tonic, it is valuable in the treatment of anaemia, weakness and debility, emaciation, and skin conditions. Particularly effective at promoting healthy coat growth, encouraging seasonal changes in body coat because it improves blood flow to skin. A course of JUROCYL in August / September (Southern Hemisphere) will produce dramatic improvements in dull, lifeless coats as the season changes. For Northern Hemisphere, give during appropriate months for winter coat drop in those countries.



Active Ingredient: Sodium Arsanilate 50mg/mL
Invigorate is a pentavalent organic arsenic tonic, which the manufacturer claims is safe for use in horses and dogs when used at the recommended dose rates.May be used as a general tonic that aids in the recovery from anaemia, stress, debilitation and illness. Stimulates red blood cell production, improves body condition, promotes a healthy coat and skin, and stimulates appetite. Rapidly absorbed without visible effects. If used in performance animals, the regulations of swab.


APPETITE (9.46 ML & 3.78L)

AppeTITE is formulated for horses that are off feed, have poor appetite or are picky eaters.



Stockgain is a liquid nutritional supplement to assist horses that may be nutritionally deficient or need to add condition.



To assist in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system.