HYGAIN - GLEAM (1.2, 6 & 20KG)

Produces shine & dapple. Whether it is a sale or a show the end result is to stand out in the crowd in order to capture the buyers or judges eye. Hygain Gleam provides these nutrients to bring out the gleam in your horse's coat resulting in a rich healthy luster. Hygain Gleam is a blend of quality ingredients including biotin, zinc, methionine and xanthophyll pigments for those horses that may benefit from additional supplementation.



CACOLIV contains iron and copper, with chelated minerals for fast absorption. These minerals (iron, copper, zinc and manganese) can assist in maintaining red blood cells and haemoglobin, as well as being essential for nervous system function and protein metabolism. The folic acid in CACOLIV is a hematopoietic vitamin which can also play an important role in the maintenance of red blood cells.


LIVAMOL (2, 10 & 20KG)

A palatable blend of proteins, energy and polyunsaturated oil formulated to improve coat condition and general appearance of all stock, including stud and show animals. LIVAMOL is especially appropriate for young, aged and convalescing animals recovering from disease or injury.


BIO-BLOOM (1, 3 & 10KG)

KER Bio-bloom is a dual-action supplement designed to promote and maintain healthy skin, coat and hoof condition from the inside out. Bio Bloom is a ideal hoof and coat conditioner for all types of horses, particularly those that need to be presented at their best for show, sale or parade.



Jurocyl Injectable - Organic arsenic tonic to improve coat, body condition and appetite.